Penalty One of my favorite restaurants is called Hobees. One of my favorite things about Hobees is its bulletin boards where there are pictures of customers in far off places wearing a Hobees tshirt. So I’ve decided to create the digital version of this so that we can all “meet” each other.

Hence, I’ve created a loop for you to add your picture. To get to it, click here.

  1. Drag and drop a picture yourself in the loop. Choose a picture that captures your essence. For example, my picture shows me in the penalty box of where the Calgary Flames play. Everyone who has subscribed to the loop will shortly see it–we call this “real-time, two-way collaboration”–admittedly, a phrase that violates many of my anti-buzzword sentiments. :-)
  2. Change the caption of the frame from the default name of the file to your name and location by double clicking on your picture. The caption area is in the lower left part of the picture. It usually has something like “img22334” in it.
  3. Be clean. Only two people can delete the picture: the person who posted it and moi. I will delete pictures in bad taste–you can be sexy, but you can’t be pornographic. :-)
  4. A single loop’s capacity is 200 pictures. When it gets close to this limit, I will create another loop and link it to the previous loop. This means you’ll see about 199 pictures then a frame that says something like “Click here to get the next volume.”
  5. There are a mere 10,000-15,000 readers of this blog. If everyone submits a picture, we will create the longest chain of loops in the history of, well, mankind. If I’m asleep or away from the computer when the loop fills up, you won’t be able to add your picture. I’ll be checking often to try to minimize this. However, please come back later and try again.
  6. Power users can add a “frame action” to a picture. Put your cursor (without clicking) on your picture. A yellow frame will appear, click on the arrow, and select “Set frame action.” In the “Set Photo Action” popup, select “Go to website.” Enter your web address. Now when people double click on your picture, they will go to your web site.
  7. If you want to share this loop with anyone, click on the “Share” button. Then enter that person’s email address and send it.

Looking forward to “meeting” you.

Addendum: My firm, Garage Technology Ventures is an investor in FilmLoop, and I serve on its board of directors. Please refer to the sidebar called “Alignment of Interest,” to see a list of the companies in our portfolio that I am most active in. (Get it: :Alignment of interest“ versus ”Conflict of interest“?) Maybe you ”had to be there…“ :-)

Written at: Vallco Shopping Center, Cupertino, California