Trophy Much to my delight, dozens of you have posted your picture to my loop of blog readers. In your honor, I am presenting the first and last “Guy’s Blog’s Loop’s Photo Winners.” (You know I love top ten lists, but I couldn’t reduce the number of categories.) I didn’t plan to select “winners” when I asked people to join the loop, but I just enjoyed the photos so much.

You know who you are: Send me your address, and I’ll send you an autographed copy of The Art of the Start. (You see how little FilmLoop really knows about your identity?)

  1. Best use of a mirror: Andreas J (Perhaps we should take up a collection to buy you a camera with a self timer and a tripod.)
  2. Best action shot: Mlongfellow; close second: William V
  3. Worst hair: Scott I
  4. Best marketer: Mike L
  5. “I’ve been reading too many blogs” award: John Ray T
  6. Best name of linked-to blog:
  7. Closest to pornographic: Steve P
  8. Best hockey picture: Terry R
  9. Strongest quadriceps: Lusin L
  10. Most dubious use of depth of field: Terry R
  11. Most pricks in photo: Dan O
  12. Cutest skirt: Garry H
  13. Best plug for Macintosh: Tie: Dan W and Michael D
  14. Worst plug for Macintosh: Nelson L
  15. Best nasal hair: Brian K
  16. Best use of rubber bands: Andrew H
  17. Most likely to piss off environmentalists: Lance M
  18. Best picture of Chairman Mao: Madhura Konkar
  19. Most likely to be an MBA: Matt J
  20. Best smile: Sam P
  21. Best Bose ad: Pete W
  22. Cutest couple: Tie: George H, Chris H, and Michelle H
  23. Best “how the heck did you do this?” shot: Thomas K