In honor of Earth Day, Flock released the “Eco-Edition” browser. You can download it here. This version of Flock has two compelling benefits for people who want to save the planet:

  1. Flock is donating 10% of the revenue generated by searches to a green organization. At the end of the year, users will vote for the organization that will receive the money.

  2. The browser comes pre-configured with green sites, blogs, and media feeds. In fact, Green.alltop.com is the default home page, so that you can truly follow “all the top” green stories.

Switching browsers is a non-trivial issue, but I recently made Flock my default browser. It readily imported my existing bookmarks, and its integration with social-networking sites such as Twitter and FaceBook as well as photo sites such Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube is quite impressive. You can also blog directly from it as well as manage RSS feeds. And, if switching makes you feel disloyal to Firefox, Flock is based on Firefox, so you can relax.

The quality of Flock as a browser plus the 10% donation and pre-loading of green topics means that the Flock Eco-Edition merits a try by people who are concerned about the environment. At least read more about it.