The Power of Red

The Pope dons red Prada kicks, politicians break out red ties in election season and that darn Netflix package always seems to stand out in a crowd of manilla and ivory mail. Why red? Do humans have a penchant for the rainbow’s most fiery color? This study released in 2005 discovered that red-clad athletes out-performed [...]

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Everyday Uses of Psychology

I found a great article called "10 Practical Uses for Psychological Research in Everyday Life." It explains how to detect lies, make your smile more attractive, persuade people, avoid getting scammed, and reduce your cholesterol level. On example: one person expressing an opinion three times has 90% of the effectiveness as three people expressing it [...]

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The Art of Marketing Wine

My friend Richard Shaffer of Israeli Wine Direct interviewed my other friend Roger Dooley of the Neuromarketing Blog. The interview is called "This is Your Brain on Wine." Ostensibly the interview focuses on wine, but it's applicable to marketing in general. Here's an example of a Dooley answer from the interview: Effective Internet marketers let [...]

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More on Persuasiveness

This is a great analysis of how a rug merchant in Turkey applied the principles of Robert Cialdini. Do you think he read Influence or Yes!? You must read this story if you're into persuasiveness. Thanks to Mitch Weisburgh for pointing it out.

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How to Be Persuasive

Just posted a book report for Yes! for my buddies at American Express. This is the best business book I've read this year. Please check out my posting here. One of the co-authors is Robert Cialdini; he is The Man when it comes to persuasion and influence. Every entrepreneur, sales, and marketing person should read [...]

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“How Women Work”

Check out this great article called "How Women Work." It's like a combination of Women for Dummies, Everything You Wanted to Know About Women But Was Afraid to ask, and Women: The Missing Manual. My favorite factoid: men have 6.5 times more gray matter than women. Women have 10 times more white matter. Gray matter [...]

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The Magic of Marketing

A research team from Durham University and the University of British Columbia is investigating magic tricks to further understand how people's minds work. The key magician's techniques that the team investigated were misdirection and illusion. For example, in the misdirection trick, a researcher dropped a lighter and cigarette while misdirecting the subjects to the opposite [...]

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How to Change Someone’s Mind

There's nothing I like to study more than techniques of persuasion, and I want to persuade you to check out a website called ChangingMinds.org. You can think of it as Robert Cialdini, my hero when it comes to persuasion, on steroids. Here is a direct link to theories of persuasion but do spend time on [...]

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The Wall Street Journal Lesson

A sign of PR cluelessness is writing to a reporter after an article appears because you think that it should have mentioned your product or company. There are two problems with this theory: first, the reporter isn't going to revise the original piece; and second, she's not going to write another article covering the same [...]

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Free Power

Neuromarketing has another great blog post. This time the subject is the power of "free." Click here to read it. Apparently, a free offer has power that is far beyond what you'd think. There are many marketing and advertising implications, so go read the posting.

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The Appeal of “New” is Hardwired

Dr. Bianca Wittman of University College London found that making novel choices activates the ventral striatum of the brain. This area is associated with rewarding behavior. Thus, labeling a product as "new" may increase its sales because of this brain wiring. Also, familiar brands also cause higher levels of brain activation, so the perfect pitch [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Online Advertising–Advice from 1923

My buddy David Szetela writes a new column for SearchEngineWatch called "Profitable PPC." In his first column, "PPC Advertising: Art or Science?," he mentions a book called Scientific Advertising by Claude C. Hopkins. The book was first published in 1923--long before TV or online advertising. Hopkins is the inventor of test marketing, coupon sampling, and [...]

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The Inside Word on Word-of-Mouth Marketing

In this interview Dave Balter explains word-of-mouth marketing. Balter founded BzzAgent in 2002. His company has provided word-of-mouth media services for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and has been featured in The New York Times Sunday Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, and on National Public Radio. He is also co-founder and current board [...]

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Brand Personality

Are you interested in the role of personality in a company's marketing? I recently interviewed Rohit Bhargava of Ogilvy PR about this subject. You can read the interview here at Sun Microsystem's small business blog. He covers topics such as the creation and use of brand personalities, good and bad examples, and the role of [...]

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Creating Infectious Engagement

Just found out about a great conference at Stanford called "Creating Infectious Engagment." It's on May 1st from 3:30 to 6:00 pm. Learn more by clicking here. It features speakers such as Diego Rodriguez, Perry Klebhan (CEO of Timbuk2), and Debra Dunn (former SVP at HP). The conference is free--it can't get much better than [...]

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The Impact of Social Media on Sales, Support, Marketing, and Branding

Over at the Sun Microsystems small and medium business site, I published an interview with Josh Bernoff about his new book (co-authored with Charlene Li) called Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. In this interview he discusses the impact of social media on sales, support, marketing, and branding. He and Charlene are [...]

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