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Ten Ways to Use LinkedIn

The average number of LinkedIn connections for people who work at Google is forty-seven. The average number for Harvard Business School grads is fifty-eight, so you could skip the MBA, work at Google, and probably get most of the connections you need. Later, you can hire Harvard MBAs to prepare your income taxes. People with [...]

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Leon Panetta: Former White House Chief of Staff, CIA Director, and Secretary of Defense

Welcome to Remarkable People. This week’s Remarkable Person is Leon Panetta. From humble beginnings to an impressive career as a public servant and politician. Leon Panetta is a remarkable American who has dedicated most of his life to public service. A son of Italian immigrants, his service to his country began in 1964 as [...]

LinkedIn and the Art of Avoiding an Asshole Boss

Since blogging about Bob Sutton’s notorious book, The No Asshole Rule, I have received a constant flow of emails from readers sharing their own tales of lecherous bosses and indignities suffered. Mean-spirited morons are still running much of the workplace, and it’s time to take a stand. Most nastiness is directed by superiors to subordinates; [...]

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My buddy, Glenn Kelman, the CEO of Redfin, had a strong reaction to last week’s post about PR by Marge Zable Fisher. So much so that he penned an alternate solution to the challenge of a good client-agency relationship: Don’t hire an agency and do it yourself. Here’s what he wrote. Nobody knows if Charlemagne [...]

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The Nine Biggest Myths of the Workplace by Penelope Trunk

I liked Penelope Trunk's interview so much that I asked her for more material. Here's her list of the nine biggest workplace myths: You’ll be happier if you have a job you like. The correlation between your happiness and your job is overrated. The most important factors, by far, are your optimism levels and your [...]

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The Art of Distribution

One of the important insights that the Startups 2006 panel hammered home was the importance of distribution for consumer-facing startups. (By the way, an astounding 13,000 people watched this video during the first week.) Many people use the word “distribution” as if it were a tactic when in fact it is a goal. Any bozo [...]

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Tiffani Bova: The Power of a Remarkable Employee Experience

Tiffani is an author, speaker, and podcast host specializing in sales transformation, business model innovation, and go-to-market strategies. She's helped tech giants like Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, and IBM expand market share and increase revenue. She was an Arizona State University graduate and attended Wharton School's Executive Program. She may be second to only Barack [...]

Susan Cain

Today’s guest is Susan Cain. Through her new book, Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole, she evangelizes the power of longing, sadness, and vulnerability for catalyzing beauty, innovation, and mental health. You should know Susan because she is the author of the 2012 bestseller, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World [...]

Cody Keenan

Cody Keenan was President Barack Obama’s director of speechwriting from 2013 to 2016. He has a degree in political science from Northwestern University. After graduation, he worked as an unpaid intern in Ted Kennedy’s office. Then he got a master’s in public policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. In 2008, he [...]

Paul Theroux

This episode’s remarkable guest is Paul Theroux--whose name I mispronounce throughout the interview.  He is one of the best-known travel writers in the world. The Great Railway Bazaar, a book about his epic railway trip from the UK to Japan and back, is considered a classic in travel writing.  You’ve probably also heard of [...]

Nikhil Kamath

I’m Guy Kawasaki, and this is Remarkable People. Today’s guest is Nikhil Kamath, the co-founder of India’s largest stock brokerage, Zerodha. For what it’s worth, he’s in his early thirties and a billionaire based on his stake in the company.  His “made for movies” story is that he dropped out of high school to [...]

Brandi Chastain

Today's remarkable guest is Brandi Chastain. She represents the highest level of achievement in sports. Her accomplishments are truly remarkable. Brandi won a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics for women's soccer and World Cup championships in 1991 and 1999. She was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame and the Bay Area [...]

Dr. Sheila Nazarian

Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California currently transforming lives on Netflix's Skin Decision. She was born in America and then returned to Iran with her family. When the Iranian Revolution occurred, she was smuggled out in a vegetable truck through Pakistan. She attended Columbia University in New York [...]

Melissa Bernstein

If you are a parent, you may have given your kids a toy from her company. This week's remarkable person is Melissa Bernstein, she is the Melissa in Melissa and Doug. So you’d naturally think that this is the story of how she started a remarkably successful toy company, and you’d be wrong. If [...]

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