GBAT: Score High and Cry

Due to the overwhelming response to my article about bozosity, I've created the GBAT (Guy's Bozofication Aptitude Test). It is a compilation of the best indicators of whether a company is sliding into bozosity. I've included the names of the people who came up with some of these ideas. In some cases, I took their [...]

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How to Prevent a Bozo Explosion

It's depressing to watch a mean, lean, fighting machine of a company deteriorate into mediocracy. In Silicon Valley we call this process the “bozo explosion.” This downward slide seems inevitable after a company achieves success--often during the years immediately following an IPO. The purpose of this article is to prevent, or at least postpone, this [...]

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Need Your Caption

My buddy, Brad Fitzpatrick, drew this cartoon in response to the “abhorrent” article that I wrote called “How to Suck Up to a Blogger.” We're missing a caption. I KNOW you guys can come up with some great stuff. Please submit your idea as a comment! Oh yeah, click here to see the outtakes (ala [...]

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The Name Game

There's a great article called “How they named companies” at the Day2Day Activities blog. How do you like this for irony? Volvo- From the Latin word “volvo,” which means “I roll.” It was originally a name for a ball bearing being developed by SKF. I'll never look at a Volvo without thinking about this irony [...]

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You may find this hard to believe, but I recommend that you read this post, “Spread Firefox but don't be a fanatic,” from the Firefox marketing community web site: It begins with this: In my opinion it's ridiculous to have “loyalty” to a company. I base my evaluation of products only on their own [...]

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Two very interesting articles about blogging

I don't usually act as a newsbot, but New York Magazine has two very interesting articles about blogging in the February 20th issue. Forget Brett Hull and Mark Messier, Arianna Huffington is my new hero. Blogs to Riches The Haves and Have-Nots of the Blogging Boom. Two years ago, David Hauslaib was a junior at [...]

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The Art of Creating a Community

I admit it: I’m a user-group junkie. I got my first taste of user groups when I worked for Apple—speaking at their meetings was one of my great pleasures. Their members were unpaid, raging, inexorable thunderlizard evangelists for Macintosh and Apple II. These folks sustained Apple by supporting its customers when Apple couldn’t—or didn’t want [...]

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Loop du Jour

Here is a loop of the Winter Olympics. The content of this loop changes everyday, so please keep it running. The pictures in the loop are from Getty Images. They are some of the best action shots I've ever seen--although I'm from Hawaii, so what do I know about winter sports. :-)

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How to Be a Mensch

I have a theory (as opposed to a dream) that Heaven is a three-class Boeing 777. You can sit in a narrow seat that doesn't recline and eat chicken-like substances next to a screaming baby in coach class. Or, you can sit in a slightly wider seat that reclines slightly more and eat a beef-like [...]

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Get in Their Shoes Campaign

I'm participating in a charity fundraising event called “Get in Their Shoes.” This is a description of the program: “The Get in Their Shoes Campaign is a call to action by successful business leaders, athletes, entertainers, and politicians to rally youth and aspiring leaders to lift themselves out of their limiting circumstances by proactively interviewing [...]

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Mazel Tov iStockphoto

iStockphoto announced today that it has been acquired by Getty Images. This is just super cool news. I LOVE iStockphoto. Most of my blog entries has an iStockphoto photo in it--unless I took a picture of a laptop. :-) Did you ever wonder how I get a picture of a man sitting on a toilet? [...]

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The Art of Rainmaking

I'll get lots of flak for saying this, but since I'm accustomed to flak from my Apple days, I'll say it anyway: Sales fixes everything. As long as you have sales, cash will flow, and as long as cash flows, (a) you will have the time to fix your team, your technology, and your marketing; [...]

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Loop du Jour

Today's loop celebrates a perennial favorite childhood character: Curious George. The new Curious George movie starts on February 10th. This loop enables you to meet the characters, view the picture gallery, watch the trailers, download wallpaper, get the video game, and order the soundtrack. Even if you're not into Curious George, it shows how to [...]

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Loop du Jour

Here is a loop of the Super Bowl ads. Click on a frame to watch the ad you'd like to see. I loved the Leonard Nimoy/Mr. Spock one. Previous great ads are viewable at:

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