How to Fascinate People

If you ask me, the key to attracting more followers, fans, and “likes” is to post interesting stuff—that is, to fascinate people with the information you find. Over at the American Express Open Forum, I explain “how to be fascinating.”

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Example needed: Invoking consistency

Looking for some unusual examples of invoking consistency to persuade people. This is the concept that if you get people to sign something, verbally agree, identify with a value or type of person, then their desire to be consistent with those items mean that they will follow through. For example, if you tell people you’re [...]

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Example needed: Enchanting the influencers

I need an example that illustrates that you often have to enchant more than just the person you’re trying to enchant to try a product or service. There’s also parents, spouses, friends, and colleagues. In fact, you often have to enchant the whole “village.” Of course, you can also use this to your advantage where [...]

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Need examples: Internalization of values

Looking for some good examples of organizations who have achieved such a close relationship with their customers that their customers have “internalized” the organizations values. Not Apple, please. I don’t want too many Apple examples in my book. Do you have good examples of organizations who have achieved this level of influence with their customers? [...]

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Need Examples: availability heuristic

The “availability heuristic” is the related concept that the more easily people can think of example, the more often they think it happens. For example, people think murders occur all the time because of news coverage and television shows, but far more people die because of suicide. I’m looking for positive examples where you notice [...]

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Examples Needed: Reciprocity

Robert Cialdini tells a great story about how the people of Ethiopia provided money to Mexico in 1985 despite the crushing hardships in Ethiopia. This was because Mexico supported Ethiopia when Italy invaded it in 1937. I'm looking for more examples of reciprocity that's above and beyond the call of duty. Please stick them in [...]

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Examples Needed: Salient points

A salient point takes the truth or the fact and makes it communicate the impact of your decision. All salient points are truthful but not all truths are salient points. For example, imagine if a label on the cheeseburger you were about to eat said, “Eat this, and you’ll gain half a pound” instead “Total [...]

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How to stay on top of research from universities

Duke University, Stanford University, and the University of Rochester created a consortium of universities called Futurity. All the partners are members of the Association of American Universities (AAU) or of the Russell Group. Futurity then publishes the very best research news from these universities. We then aggregate this news into a easy-to-scan site called Futurity.Alltop. [...]

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